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Business Happiness Coaching - your best investment

Business happiness coaching enables you to create the best work environment for your managers and employees so that you can offer the best to your customers.
cost of stress Do you know how high are the costs associated with a work environment that does not cultivate happiness and cooperation? If you don't, chances are that you are losing money, time, and customers right now.
WHO (World Health Organization) recognized stress as the most common work-related illness, responsible for more than 40% of the total absences from work of your managers and employees, and for the high rate of personnel change in a business.
Stress, anxiety, and fears bring people to generate lack of commitment, lack of motivation, and desire to leave your company. All of these things will also negatively impact on vertical and horizontal communication enterprise-wide.

Raffaello PalandriHappiness coaching is the best investment you can do.

When you invest in your managers' and employees' happiness, you are pro-actively changing the negative impact of stress in your company, creating a work environment where everyone will be at ease, will be motivated, will be committed.
And, the best thing in business is to rely on things that work. The Yourself, Understood method has been developed in 23 years of experience with businesses by Raffaello Palandri, happiness coach, writer, speaker, manager himself.

Of course, every business is unique. Every person working in a business is unique.

That's why coaching must be unique, tailor-made, with each session aiming at pursuing a specific goal to benefit you, your company, your team. No two sessions are made equal. Free to Achieve - The book As the range of possible situations, goals, opportunities in a business environment is large, my job as a coach varies, as my costs do. There are occasions where a few sessions are enough to solve a group problem or to target a specific issue, but there are also times where the entire business is involved, and the coaching is enterprise-wide.

Free to achieve, the first official book of the Yourself, Understood Happiness Coaching Method Series is available in Kindle ebook format here
and in paperback format here.

The best thing you can do for your business is to ask for a free preliminary consultation.
Following that session, I will be able to make you a custom package offer that will represent your best investment.

Manager Coaching

Being a good manager is not an innate skill. It requires knowledge, time, and commitment. As a manager, you want to be the best version of yourself to transform your ideas into a business. With my coaching, you can build skills like motivation, stress management, self-reflection, relationship building, recognition of skills, full use of potential, continuous learning. These are just a few areas a manager needs coaching in while running its business.

Strategy and Advice

Running a business requires making decisions, and this can be tough. Coaching will help you get a better understanding of what your business really needs, when you and your business need to take a new path, when you need to improve the performance and increase the turnover. Learn how to gain appreciation and trust from your stakeholders and employees. Build the skills required to be motivated and to motivate your team. Let's work together on your strategy!

Stress and Anxiety Management

Business work can be physically and mentally consuming: the hidden price a company can be called to pay is potentially huge. You risk to lose the employees you spent so much money to train, you can have employees that fall sick, that don't give their best, that are unsatisfied and lack commitment. Plus, you could also be losing money in terms of a lower turnout, of a lower than optimal performance, of bad communication. All of these factors increase stress and anxiety. Let's learn together how to beat stress at work!

Business coaching

Business success is a matter of culture and not only sales. Developing the correct formula for business success, happy employees, happy customers is often not an easy task. With the right help offered by your coach, you can learn how to develop a healthier, wealthier, happier business, ready to grow in a sustainable way. You know, your customers know you through your business culture, so the best way to improve your business is to grow your company culture. Developing a business-wide sense of awareness, consciousness, and commitment will have a hugely positive impact on your company future and outcome.

Wellness management

Working well requires a good balance between mental and physical resources. With the right tools, everyone can learn how to feel and work better, achieve more both at work and in personal life. The Yourself, Understood Happiness Coaching uses meditation, mindfulness and Qi Gong as physical tools to improve the perceived wellness of your employees. Scientific research shows that practicing a mild physical activity and regular meditation improve the work/life balance perception by 80%.

Improving communication

One of the main reasons a team does not perform is a scarcity of communicative skills. Communicating properly is something you can learn, and it represents a vital tool in every business. Better internal communication fosters the growth of the employees and builds stronger bonds with the company. Better external communication enables your voice to be clearly delivered to your customers and stakeholders. I can teach you and your team how to create a corporate communication pattern, how to improve public speaking, and how to manage difficult arguments or topics.

Employee coaching

Your team is by far your most valuable resource. With a properly motivated group that works in a stress- and anxiety-free environment, you will be able to bring everyone's skills to the highest level achievable. Build new skills, keep learning, and desire to improve. These are the key elements to create a winning recipe in your business. The main tools required to get a healthy and stimulating work environment are communicative ones, mixed with the development of emotional intelligence-related ones, and all of these can be developed with your coach.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is the commitment a business must have not only to maximizing shareholder value, but also to create benefits for society and the environment. You can redesign your business so that it can start adopting socially responsible practices both actively (contributing to causes and campaigns) and passively (like reducing emissions and waste production). Many investors and customers today are becoming aware of your social impact and can choose who to favor basing their decision on how much you care about social commitment and environmental care.

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