Coaching-Yourself, understood

Yourself, understood


Whether you are a professional, a manager, an athlete, a parent, you could experience stress, fears, anxiety, lack of motivation, low self-esteem. You could feel like you are not able to deliver and accomplish enough, that even if you try hard, the results are simply not good enough.
This is a very common situation, that can create troubles in your personal, professional, agonistic career.

Yourself, understood is a coaching method developed in more than 23 years of experience by Raffaello Palandri, coach, manager, entrepreneur.

With this method you will be able to get rid of stress, anxiety, fears and become your better yourself.

You will help you with: productivity, efficacy, efficiency, resilience to get more things done, to get them done better in a shorter time.
You will find that a coach can help you in improving your Health and Wellness, your motivation, your personal and professional development, and in getting your success giving you help with time management, positive thinking, goal setting, commitment and motivation, stress relief.

You will learn a mix of tools and techniques that come from meditation, martial arts, mindfulness, to help you getting the success you deserve.

Become the Hero of your life!