Yourself, Understood

Personal Life Holistic Coaching

Whether you are a professional, a manager, an athlete, a parent, you could experience stress, fears, anxiety, lack of motivation and commitment, exhaustion, burn-outs, low self-esteem.

Happiness Coach

You could feel like you are not able to deliver and accomplish enough, that even if you try hard, the results are simply not good enough.
According to the WHO (World Health Organisation) you may end living a dull, unhealthy, unhappy life, that could lead to various illnesses.
This is a very common situation, that can create troubles in your personal, professional, agonistic career.

Yourself, understood is a coaching method developed in more than 25 years of experience by Raffaello Palandri, consultant, coach, writer, speaker.

Raffaello Palandri

With this method, you will be able to live a healthier, wealthier, and happier life, by getting rid of stress, anxiety, and fears so to develop your full potential.

Coaching to get rid of self-limiting thoughts, behaviors, and mindset by becoming the best version of yourself.

Both if you are an employee or a self-employed person, you can benefit from coaching:

  • Managers can get better at creating plans, setting goals, and achieving the desired outcomes
  • Professionals & Self-Employed can get better at pitching, getting customers, and delivering
  • Employees can start feeling empowered, involved, and more committed in their jobs
  • Actors can improve their confidence, their voice, and their posture
  • Athletes can reach higher levels of performance, avoid stress and fear-related injuries
  • Students can successfully pass their exams with higher grades, more effective study, and better stress management

You can find some offers here and check some amazing testimonials from some of my customers here.

Live your happier life!

You can even start your coaching from today choosing the path that suits you most:
Happiness in 7 Easy StepsHappiness in 7 Easy Steps, to get the basics to grow happiness in your personal and professional life,


Make Happiness Your HabitMake Happiness Your Habit, to discover what makes you happy and how to start getting it consistenly.


The tailor-made tools that we will develop together during the coaching sessions will help you with: productivity, efficacy, efficiency, resilience, to get more things done, to get them done better, and in a shorter time.

An experienced coach can help you in improving many aspects of your personal life like your health and wellness, your motivation, your personal and professional development, and in getting your success giving you help with time management, positive thinking, goal setting, commitment and motivation, stress relief.

MMQG for a holistic approach to your improvement

We will work together in developing a mix of effective tools and techniques that make use of the MMQG tools: Meditation, Mindfulness, and Qi Gong to help you understand what is preventing you from getting your own happiness.


You will stop getting stuck by self-sabotaging habits and thoughts and will start developing essential skills to improve your life like awareness, compassion, and engagement. With the help of the tools and these skills, you will discover that happiness is inside you, not outside.

Learning how to understand yourself, how to improve yourself by accepting who you are, it's a journey. And happiness is precisely in this journey. A coach is there to help you set your goals, to plan for them, to let you be accountable for your success, to share with you the hard and the rewarding moments.

Spiritual Guidance and Healing Session to assess your Body, Mind, and Soul

I also offer Spiritual Coaching and Guidance and Healing Sessions, using Reiki, Qi Healing, being a Reiki Master.

Free to Achieve - The Book

Learn how to live a happier life!

Free to achieve, the first official book of the Yourself, Understood Happiness Coaching Method Series is available in Kindle ebook format here
and in paperback format here.

So, stop self-sabotaging and start investing in a better personal and professional life from today. You can have more details about how I can help you or you can get answer to any question about how to start living a happier life, by dropping me an email.