Yourself, Understood


Awakening is one of the essential steps and elements of spiritual awakening, and represents an awakening, so the acquisition of awareness of a dimension of reality that is beyond the limiting confines of the ego. The ego, in this context, is our exclusive sense of self or "I".

This awakening occurs when, for whatever reason, you are able to let go of your ego so that a Higher Self or Spirit can arise within you. It's when you are no longer living in the fictitious world where you are used to filter everything through your ego and live by remembering (or carryingg the burden of) the past and focusing (or worrying) on the future.
Instead, the awakening shows itslef in letting you experience an almost simultaneous awareness of your individual self and the connection between that and everything else. It's the moment when you understand that we are all equal being all different, when you perceive you are a part of a larger, infinite One.
Seven Steps and Three Pillars
The ego is essentially a collection of archetypes, programs, or set patterns of behavior that are useful for reacting and for automatic responding. The Taoists call this series of programs the acquired mind, in other words all the unconscious conditioning we collect since when we are born.

Spiritual awakening thus implies the return of what the Taoists call the Original Spirit, or what Jung called the Self.
And in losing our ego we find that what makes us truly human is our being part of this oneness, of this Spirit.

Awakening is essential in your holistic growth process, and Raffaello Palandri has adapted some of the most powerful and effective exercises, practices, tools to give you the opportunity to make this decisive step in your life.

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