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I changed my management style
"Raffaello from Yourself, Understood and I worked together to understand why I was not able to involve my employees. He helped me to understand where I was wrong, and together we developed a different management style, that reflected my most inner personal and professional values. Raffaello is a great problem solver and quickly showed to grasp the challenges I was facing in my life and in my business. He helped me to understand myself better and then to apply my true myself in my job. He taught me how to deal with goal setting, group management and the day-to-day challenges of managing and leading a business. I recommend Yourself, Understood for business, group or one-to-one coaching." - Callum S., director

Helping athletes getting better results
"I found the last workshop extremely useful. I managed to understand why I was blocked in competitions. The exercises of the Yourself, Understood method have really opened my eyes on how my own perceptions of myself were impeding me to achieve the results I was training for." - Louie P., martial artist
"It was a very effective workshop, where I learned to use my mind more than my body. This has shown useful in increasing my interest in the theory of training, which will help me connect with future customers." - Enrico T., personal trainer
"Meditation and breathing are vital to performing. Now I have learned this, thanks to the great workshop, packed with a lot of practical tips for immediate use." - Christine C., fitness studio owner

Questioning me from the pillars
"I contacted Yourself, Understood as I felt like I had a loophole in my thinking that caused me to be stressed and brought a series of negative beliefs. At first, I was skeptical, but in just 2 months the method Raffaello developed with me and for my company has really worked and I am now more positive on a personal level, I am able to delegate tasks, to avoid discussions and not to be resentful. One technique Raffaello taught me is to become aware of the negative thoughts and noting them down, on paper. At the end of the day, he asked me to review those notes and see if things were really that bad or not. To my surprise he was right, the negative thoughts were momentary and not structural! He started telling me to question myself from the pillars, to become aware of who I am and what I really want. It's been so helpful to have someone pushing me to probe myself deeper than I would have done myself! And, he also worked with my employees, helping to build an amazing group, that now works as a whole. Stress and discussions are now history. I now have a better understanding of my goals and how they are more authentic to me. As a result, I am now much more effective as a CEO for my business."- Inge K., CEO

The right tools
"Raffaello was excellent at listening and understanding my issues. He arrived very quickly to the point and started working with me in better understand who I am and what is important to me. The work he did with me was extremely effective and real. He helped me setting goals, planning how I could reach them, becoming accountable. Together we checked and verified my progress. He helped me develop the right mindset and gave me the right tools to use in my professional life. But his suggestion worked also in my personal life. I am now more confident in myself and I have learned how to say no and how to deal with hard times. Now I know I am able to use the tools and techniques I learned with Raffaello. The most relevant part was of all the process has been the constant presence and support Raffaello gave me. I think he walked the extra mile for me. Thank you Raffaello." - Enrique de la H., IT director

You made my life happier
"I came to coaching without believing that anyone could help me, as I was insecure, frustrated, full of fears. Raffaello taught me how to make my life happier by improving my awareness of my personality. I was skeptical this could really work, as practices like meditation, mindfulness, Qi Gong seemed a sort of silly answer to my problems, but Raffaello insisted on me to try them and see if they worked. After two weeks of daily practice, the Yourself, Understood method positively affected my personal life and my work. It was really wonderful to be able to get exactly what I thought, what I expected. This coaching has really made my life much better, and now even my perception of it has changed. I have really started learning how to live happily and successfully. Now I can do a lot of things more, as I have learned that I can develop and use my positive energy to build resilience and then overcome stress, anxiety, fears through meditation and mindfulness techniques. Raffaello also asked me if I wanted to enroll in his 1-to-1 masterclass to improve my public speaking skill, and this worked, too! I learned how to speak publically with high confidence and fluently, and how to switch my mind from negative to positive thinking. I feel that my life has changed permanently, and now I can even imagine to grow and have success in my life, as now I understand how I react to things, how to defuse negative events, and how to appreciate hard work. I am happier, happier than ever. Thank you, Raffaello for how you let me grow. You were always there, asking me to be accountable, to work harder, but you also were always smiling, full of energy, and ready to help." - F. V., manager

I got a new job!
"Hey Raff, hope you are well !! I just want to say thank you for your online coaching, I have been unhappy at work and your suggestions and tools encouraged me to do something about it - I went for an interview on Friday & got the job !!!! I will now have better long term prospects, more money, less hours and more time with the kids! Continue doing what you do, as you are really helping people change their lives !! x" - L.S., educator

Stress has gone
"My job was stressing me so much I was not able to sleep at night. I was worried and overwhelmed with my responsibilities, my deadlines, and my duties. I am a worker in a big company, not a manager, and this means I have a lot of pressure on me. I was always afraid to lose my job. This caused anxiety attacks, a condition that was so bad that it started affecting not only my job, but also my life at home, my health, and my mood. When I found the Facebook page of Yourself, Understood, I was thinking that calling yourself a Happiness Coach is not professional. So, at first I was reluctant due to past negative experiences with life and business coaches, but Raffaello is amazing! He did not tell me to follow strange rules, or change my beliefs, or to endlessly repeat myself that I am tough. He asked me to look inside myself and to understand what was hurting me, why I was reacting so badly to what was happening in my job. I was able to become aware quite quickly that it's a matter of how I feel about the job, how I want to be appreciated by people I actually don't even know. He developed with me a routine made of meditation, mindfulness, and some physical exercise to take out the stress from my mind, and it worked! Now, I am relaxed and stress free. No, better, I am a happy woman now!" - Eileene M. dos S., employee

I learned how to relax and achieve
"I contacted Raffaello after having been suggested to by a friend who attended his MMQG courses, and she told me about the Yourself, Understood Coaching Method. Raffaello and I worked for a couple of months on my stress management, and I found his suggestions and his custom designed exercises highly effective. I have learned visualization techniques I now use in my Sales career and I see that now I achieve more than ever before. I would suggest anyone with stress and anxiety issues to use Raffaello's Yourself, Understood coaching." - Renato B., Sales Manager

I choose my new successful career
"I attended Raffaello's MMQG lessons and then asked him about Yourself, Understood. We started meeting and he gave me guidance and suggestion about how to find my core skills and my desired career so to start again feeling happy and motivated in my job. I was able with this coaching to understand the things I value the most in my life and in my profession. Now I am able to start my new career with a renewed commitment and with full energy. I recommend Yourself, Understood to anyone who is dealing with a change in her career." - Anja W., Business Development Manager

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