Financial Wellness

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Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is the calm, positive feeling coming from an overall stable financial health and from the absence of money-related stress, fears, and problems.

This implies to be able to live decently within your means and to plan for the future appropriately. It also means not having fear to lose your job, or not to find one, if you have lost it. It means having enough to live in a house without fear of being evicted, to live without the fear of not be able to pay for your cures, medicines, health.

It is not related to becoming rich, to have luxury items, to be able to spend or save a lot. It's having enough to live worry-less.

Financial troubles are one of the top stressors in Western countries. Taking small steps to learn how to properly manage your spending and save money can really lighten your outcomes in everyday life.

Some of the things I suggest, and help you do, to improve your emotional wellness are:
  • Improve your relationship with money and spending
  • Make paying off debt a priority
  • Create a budget with the help of an online system or a personal financial planner
  • Set aside a fixed amount of money every month for non-essentials, like entertaining, dining out, and recreation
  • Spend less than you earn
  • Bolster your savings and reduce your expenses
  • Save for future spending
  • Only borrow what you can afford
  • Grow your money
  • Boost your earning capacity
  • Protect what you have
Both in your personal life and at your business, I can help you setup the correct behaviors, policies, practices to help you manage your financial and economic wellness.